Decriminalise the use of Imperial units by traders and shopkeepers. Restore Imperial Units of measurement  everywhere.



Why is this idea important?

I would like to raise the matter of scrapping inappropriate laws which makes criminals out of decent, law abiding citizens.

I refer to the none too gradual metrification of the UK.

Imperial Units of measurement has done us proud for centuries. They were first introduced to what is now the UK by the Romans. They knew a thing or two about measuring and measurements.

Imperial Units were in use during the height of what was arguably one of the greatest empires the world has ever known, ie, the British Empire. Imperial Units presided over some of the greatest moments of British history, both civil and military. The Battle of Agincourt, way back in 1415 was won on Imperial units, all the way through the efforts of the Duke of Wellington and Admiral Nelson during the Napoleonic era, right up to recent history when we went to war against Nazism in 1939, all armed with Imperial Units of measurements.

Likewise, on the exploratory side, Cecil Rhodes found Imperial Measurements no impediment whilst exploring Africa, nor did Captain Cook whilst discovering Australia and New Zealand. It should be noted that the British East India Company also had no problem with Imperial Units in India from the1600’s onwards.

All this effort has now resulted in the Commonwealth, but previous governments seemed obsessed with ditching one of its major building blocks, ie, the Imperial Unit of Measurement.

Why? Because Europe uses a different system? Do we really have to follow the French? We have made criminals of our market traders who simply accede to their customers wishes, who prefer sausages by the pound, and cheese by the ounce.

The sign on the back of a London bendy bus telling me the thing is 20 meters long means nothing to me until I pull out to overtake it and discover to my discomfort the damn thing is sixty foot long. Mixing traditional British units of measurements with foreign ones on the road is downright dangerous.

Please, can sanity prevail. I don’t like metric units, and much to my chagrin I don’t ever recall being asked to consider converting to metric units as part of an aspiring governments election manifesto. Imperial units of measurements are uniquely British, and a uniquely  British experience is what visitors to our country want. (American use of Imperial Units accepted)

If I want to buy or sell a pound of pork sausages, eight ounces of Cheshire cheese, or five gallons of unleaded petrol, please may I be permitted to do so without  the fear of a tap on the shoulder from the metric police.

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  1. Not but how ever I do prefer centigrade for tempiture and some scientific field can use metric as the imperial is much to big and impractical for them however for consumer usage the imperial is miles ahead ( no pun intended) as I can see a pound of bacon in my head so i know exactly what value im getting and that it wont go off in the fridge before i buy it and I can see 6’6″ in my head so I will not jam a lorry on a narrow road or under a bridge.

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