Over the last decade we've seen an erosion of parental rights and in a general move toward a "nanny state".

I feel it is outrageous that educational and medical institutions are permitted to offer councilling and products (such as Drug, Bullying, sexual relationship councilling and Condoms or even abortions) to children (I.E under 16 years old) without perental knowledge, let alone their permission.

Whilst I understand some kids seek support where they feel they cannot approach their parents, they are still minors until the age of 16, and are the responsibility of those parents.Some parents may not be interested, but that is no reason to interfere with the overwhelming majority of parents who can make a much bigger, more lasting and more positive difference to their childs' life.

Why is this idea important?

Parents know their children far more intimatley than the state, teachers or GP's. Apart from some exceptional cases, parents are able to offer support and care and most importantly, love and continuity, to their kids.
State intervention into things like Sexual, drig related or bullying experiences, may offer short term fixes, but can cause a breakdown in the parent / child relationship which in turn can have far more damaging effects on the childs' life.

Simply put, a childs welfare is, and always has been, the responsibility of the parent / family first and the state [a distant] second. Even though children mature at differing ages, there must be a defined point where a child becomes an adult (and this is 16 years). The state, therefore should respect the right of the parent to protect their child.

If copuncilling is needed, perhaps it is the parents who need the councilling to deal with their child's issues as a parent.

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