The repeal of the European Communities Act would restore power to the British Parliament which is still recognised gy the people of this country as their legitimate source of legislation whether they agree with the government of  the day or not.  This need not and should not prevent free trade and co-operation between this country and its European neighbours but, most importantly, the greater responsibility that would fall back on UK parliamentarians might start to encourage a better quality of people to seek those roles and the people of this country would feel empowered and therefore more engaged and responsible than they are when governed by unaccountable and distant forces about which they know very little.  The arrogance and corruption of EU officials is the natural result of having power without accountablity and this fault is sure to increase unless there are constitutional changes combined with changes in attitute to EU governance amongst all the peoples of the EU on a scale that is just not going to happen.  The simplest and most democratic solution therefore is to restore democracy to this country by repealing the European Communities Act.    

Why is this idea important?

because freedom only survives when those in power are fully and openly accountable to the people. Only a robust constitution can secure the power of the people over any length of time.  The EU constitution, in so far as it can be said to have a constitution, has no such robust systems by which the executive can be held to account.  This has led to a weakening of the UK constiution where even members of the UK House of Commons have forgotten that their primary role, regardless of party loyalty, is to hold the executive to account on behlaf of their constituents.

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