To Repeal whatever legislation is neccessary to remove the law-making powers from the select few in sitting in parliament (or in the case of Wales, the Welsh Assembly), and to put decisions for accepting any new legislation, or repealing any existing legislation, to the public vote.
The decision of said vote could be used as the decision to enact, or repeal, said legislation for a nominated period of time (such as ten years) before said legislation can again be put to public vote. Forums such as this could be used to choose the laws to be voted on, and the votes could be held simultaneously to the general or local authority elections.

Why is this idea important?

This would create a legal system that would be the envy of the world, where the laws of the land are known by all, and, are an accurate reflection of the principles and moralities of the country and the people as a whole. In addition to preventing the near dictatorship of law-making we have seen with the previous government, this would restore a sense faith in the purpose of the British Legal System, remove the status symbol for those proud to have served a custodial sentence, and, as well as greatly increasing voter turnout, would free up the british government to get on with the more important task of managing the industry, people and economy.
Such changes will also remove public belief that all legislation changes are driven by personal agendas of individual parliament members or funded by large private organisations.
These changes would satisfice the entire population of the country, not just the few with the determination to post a message on this forum.

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