In June 2010  a law came into operation which makes it impossible for British People to have a Fair Trial. If you are accused now by the State you will have to pay to defend yourself unless you are on State Benefits.    for full details see

This means that the endless resources open to the State will be waged against you and you must either defend yourself in person or risk loosing your home in order to mount a defence.

If you are subject to a Restraing Order  freexing your assetts you will be in the invidious positon of  because of your assets having too much money to qualify for legal aid  but be unable to use your assetts to pay for leg assistance to defend yourself.

Why is this idea important?

Restoring the right to Free Legal AId in Criminal Cases will restore the right to a  Fair Trail

Without this Fair Trial is impossible in the United Kingdom (unless the defendant is on State Benefits)









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