restore double jeopardy

year-and-a-day rule

right to silence


repeal or at least review legislation hastily arrived at as a reaction to (e.g.,) parents' own perceived inability to save their children.

repeal all emotional elements from court cases.

remove victim statements and other mawkish and inappropriate inputs.

remove the ability of self-perceived victims to pursue released prisoners

repeal laws which criinalise parents who cannot ensure that their children attend school – often because they themselves are working.

repeal or remove any protection for transfats

soften outright ban on smoking

ensure that there are secure humane facilities for the criminally insance. Prisons are not geared to cope with them. All prisoners should ahve a right to a natural sex life. They should not be allowed to vote, however, since they are all Tory to a man.


Why is this idea important?

The importance is to ensure that people accused are not at the mercy of poiticians or others with a vested interest in gaining the outcome they are determined to achieve despite objective circumstances or evidence.

These rights were arrived at many centuries ago and must be restored.

Every sympathy is due to people who lose children or have them harmed. However, the answer is not a plethora of laws. Parents must be advised to keep their young children on reins.  That would avoid lots of mishaps.

Allowing people to perceive themselves as victims for life is unhealthy.  Emotional statements and the feeling that they then have a right for life to interfere in future court cases does not serve justice. For many it becomes a way of life and a way of boring the rest of us on television. They should be given every sympathy, advised that they can consult priest or parson; failing that psychiatrist or psychologist and such facilities made available to them in the first instance. Of course, the media cannot be prevented from "consulting"them.

The highest faculty of man is reason and the sooner we start addressing this together with ethics in schools and elsewhere, the better for us. It could lead to judges who really examine and re-examine appeals rather than some of the instances from the past.

Health is a right not a privilege. Therefore anything which interferes with that natural state of man must be abolished.

We have come a long way from the idea that freedomd is the right to catch syphilis and cancer; freedom is the right to say "No". (Huxley).

Safety and consideration for others are excellent but if people want to smoke then surely they should be allowed places to do so. After all, they are allowed to do far more immoral and questionable things.


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