I believe that we have a fundamental problem with our society and the way that it is run. The government tells us that we live in a democracy. If then we are a democratic nation, give us the right to vote on the subject of the Death Penalty, let us the people decide.

We have a hug problem with over crowding in prisons and it is costing the state millions each year to keep people jailed who have committed heinous and terrible crimes against humanity. If a dog bites a child it is put to death, so too should any person who sexually abuses, harms or murders a child be put to death.

The Death Penalty needs to be restored as justice must be seen to be done. I demand that this government give the people of this country a referendum and let us once and for all decide whether or not to restore the Death Penalty of leave it abolished as it is.

Why is this idea important?

Justice must be seen to be done.

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