Give parents back the right to remove their child from state enforced sex education, until the age of 15. Would we teach a very young  child how to hotwire an escort and drive down a  high street at 90mph on a busy Monday morning? No, because that's actually illegal. What I find frankly astonishing is the amount of people who are prepared to cast a vote to have faith schools abolished and find collective worship in some way abhorrent, but that nobody seems to be questioning the fact that the state can, will and does tell your very young children exactly how to have sex, what it perceives to be a healthy relationship and who to turn to for condoms, the morning after pill or, if all else fails, an abortion. All this without parental knowledge or responsibility.  Of course, all of these measures will and do fail on a regular basis, which is why we have the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe.

Why is this idea important?

Sex education simply does not work. Children have the right for that fleeting time to be children

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