Their decision is final apparently and you have no right to appeal at the moment,who says they are right and how do you question their decisions.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because the general feeling amongst the legal people/professional standards people/my Rt Hon MP that I have been in contact with during my sons malicious arrest case against the police,this institution is not fit for purpose,they have only investigated what the professional standards people have already investigated.They havenot and will not investigate the whole case from beginning to end so the officers involved are probably going to walk away with no action against them.

I thought this was an independent body working for us the public concerning complaints against the police not just overseeing what the professional standards investigate.

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  1. Not only is there no right of appeal but the IPCC refused to allow my request to investigate the way the complaint was handled. According to their website I should have that right. They repeatedly stated that I could not seek to change their decision regarding the complaint something I kept informing them that this was not my intention.

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