Police have been called to investigate and prosecute people whose religious beliefs lead them to hold strong views on homosexuality.

A Bristol Councillor was recently convicted under the Public Order Act for calling a another a 'coconut'.

While these expressed opinions or behaviour may be ill-mannered, ignorant and bigoted they should be dealt with outside the criminal justice system.

Police action in these cases are a waste of time, especially when Police budgets are being cut.



Why is this idea important?

People should be allowed to express opinions, even if stupid or offensive to some others, without looking over their shoulder.

In the case of the Bristol councillor, there were more appropriate remedies, like the Standards Board for England that could have been used.  If this had happened in Parliament then the Speaker would have named the MP and suspended them from the house.  That would have been proportionate.

The vociferous nature of minorities who feel themselves the subject of persecution should not lead to the law pandering to them just because they threaten acts of civil disobedience.  More peaceful remedies than police investigation should be considered.

Oherwise free speech becomes that which is regulated by the Police.

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