The Government always, it seems, expects the nation to trust it.  Why does it not reciprocate and prove it trusts the people of Great Britain.

Banning ownership and legitimate use of Firearms has NO impact on preventing crime.  It's an assault on personnel liberty and Hypocrisy of the highest order.

In time of War and need, the people are called to arms to defend this great Nation. Without it's people , this country would be no more.

The Government then Trusts it's Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen to fight and even die to defend our way of life.

Once the conflict passes,——–"we don't trust you folks",—"but thanks for defeating our enemies". Total Hypocrisy and fundamentally wrong.

People have THE RIGHT , if they so choose, to own Firearms.

You cannot legislate against lunacy. A Gun is a piece of manufactured equipment,—-it has no mind of it's own, any more than a pencil does, if a word is misspelled.

Gun crime is commonly read about these days,———–Banning legal ownership "Really works", NOT !!

Why is this idea important?

We need to restore a level of freedom to the people and allow our fundamental freedom of choice to NOT be controlled by our elected Goverment.

The banning of Firearms achieves nothing. No statistics exist that prove banning Guns reduces crime.

What next ?, Don't give our Soldiers Guns, "in case one or two" does something Crazy ??

Restore our rights and Civil liberties.

3 Replies to “Restore the right to own Firearms”

  1. UK Firearm’s laws must be upheld.

    It you do not have a reasonable need to have one; you do not need one.

    If you think you have a valid reason; your local Police Force will grant you a Firearms Certificate.


  2. Simply owning a firearm does not make one a bad person in need of punishing. The amount of times an otherwise law abiding person has been jailed for the mandatory 5 year sentence is horrifying. All because they havd an old WW1 revolver in the loft.

    Everyone has a right to engage in shooting sports, collect as a hobby, and be armed in their own home so long as that person does not force their will on another.

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