I think that there are too many people who have several children and who have no responsibility yet expect the state to pick up the bill.

A law that restores the balance of civil liberties such that the exercise of the right to found a family goes hand in hand with the responsibility to ensure that you are able to provide for your children is urgently needed.

One common sense approach is to restrict family size by making it compulsory to have depo vera injections to prevent further pregnancies for those who are on state benefits and who already have 2 children.

That way people are responsible for supporting their children – rather than maximising how much they can claim from the state. 

Why is this idea important?

Whilst the intelligent people in this country are working and elaying having families until they can afford them, there is a growing culture of 'the country ows me and has to look after my children'.

Its time for parents to be adult enough to provide for the children they have without considerable expense to the public purse.

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