I have seem immigrants from all over the world coming into the UK to find work and to impove their standard of living. Others however only come to the UK to fullfill the two year limit before becoming a citizen at which time they then claim from the state.

Immigration should be simple,

1)  If you are born within the UK and are aged 21 years old or above you should be allowed to sponsor someone coming to the UK  for the following:

  • Distant family member


2)  The following should be an automatic citizenship

  • Marrage, Financee
  • Expecting a child or already have a child
  • immediate family member


3) It also benefits the country to have skilled workers from around the globe so the following should also be true

  • Qualified skilled workers (must pass UK standards)
  • Students (most be able to prove living funds and shouldn't be allowed to work)


However if you are an immigrant yourself then you should not be allowed to sponsor ANYONE! 

Why is this idea important?

I’m a true born british citizen I can’t be with my partner who is having my child because of the poor legal system here, this means I shall have no other choice but to take my skills and Businesses abroad!

The UK Government is forcing me out of my own country but allowing others (NOT EVERYONE) in to claim benefits and work cash in hand !

2 Replies to “Restrict Immigration to UK Born Citizens !”

  1. We went through this in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. It was called the BRAIN DRAIN. People with intelligence will depart our insular island for greener pastures and as was proven before when we lost many highly educated would be professionals to other countries – repeating the wrong ways of the past!

  2. The problem is not so much just immigration but population growth. If it goes on at this pace and with all the building growth the country will soon be covered in concrete except for a few ‘tree museums’ and, being British, we will have to pay and stick a ticket on our bum to enter them.

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