-make it difficult for businesses to optain work permits

-allow for banding quota on work permits based on skills shortage

-force employers to recruit locally:  reducing unemployment rates and increasing uptake of fresh UK graduates

-make credit checks and screening of applicants mandatory across all employers reducing employer risk

-restrict employers from outsourcing outside of the country due to cheap labor as this is counterproductive to the british economy and allows for unemployment

– regulate eu workers similar to the work permit banding

-provide a clear way of measuring skills shortage and employers need for foreign recruitment

-make payroll and taxation structure more transparent

-introduce more ways to monitor of foreign workers

-introduce restrictions of foreign worker bonuses

Why is this idea important?

There is high unemployment rates in UK and employers are using work permits to gain cheap labor – thus putting local applicants at a disadvantage. Also, the option of cheaper labor from outside the country is increasing the difficulty of local applicants to find work. Furthermore, outsourcing offshore is counterproductive as it increases the employment rates in the foreign country and creates economic issues in UK. Although, businesses find cheap labor to their benefit it poses alot of risks due to: communication issues, illegal immigration to UK, forged documentation and credentials, undeclared taxation, terrorism, privacy issues, no real benefit to UK economy as the cost of the product is not equally filtered to customer, high local unemployments, increasing number of people on benefits, increased out flow of  pounds exchanged for foreign currency, less development of the UK economy as a whole.

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