If we cannot trust the rule of law to bring the guilty to justice and THEREBY deter crime….any crime, terrorism included…then there is little point to maintaining the fiction of equal justice under the law. We already know that for the most part, the rich and the powerful get better justice than the poor (and like it that way) but we should be very very wary of undoing what equality we have left to accommodate terrorists….And that is exactly what we would be doing…helping them succeed in their goals of destroying democracy. Robert R Newport M.D. USA

Why is this idea important?

When one small fraction of any population, feels so disenfranchised that they resort to terror, our knee jerk reaction is to curtail their human rights. This Worsens the problem. That is why this idea of further eroding our rights must be stopped. We cannot tolerate either further terror, nor, further erosion of our civil liberties.

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