I would like to see a stop to anyone accessing Birth and Marriage certificates for the living apart from the person themselves. 


As an amateur genealogist I am well aware of the searchable databases of living people that are available and how to order someone elses birth and marriage certificate without their knowledge.  It is wrong. 


It is the public's interests to tighten the Public Records Act (1958) amended to prevent this very personal data getting into the wrong hands.  All public access to certificates of living individuals should be stopped forthwith and access should be denied for 100 years.


I would also like the electrol roll to have access denied for 100 years as these can be used to track living people.  Every living person should have a right to privacy and this privacy should not be breached by any government.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important to protect the living citizens of the UK.  Identity theft is on the increase and it is deplorable that a stranger can access a living persons birth and marriage certificates and use them, if they so wish, to build an identity for themselves or post the details on any public forum without reprisal.  It is simply wrong.

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