Remove rule that prevents customers from buying more than 2 items containing paracetomal (or similar) at a time. This is a typical nanny state rule, as all you have to do is walk out and back in to the shop or go to another counter to get more.

Why is this idea important?

 It is an inconvience to adults and achieves absolutely nothing in terms of public safety. How many overdoses have been prevented by this imposition on the freedom of the entire population? – zero I bet.  It is entirely pointless. What should happen is that the chemist should just apply common sense and perhaps ask customers if they are concerned.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, and I also don’t accept that it saves lives. Have they any supporting evidence on this? We both have colds at the moment and struggled out yesterday to get a couple of different products, in enough supply for both of us. We had to NEGOTIATE to come away with what will, hopefully, just about see us through. I am furious at being treated like some kind of demented drug addict, every time we get a cold. And if our colds linger, it means that we’ll have to struggle out again, while we’re still poorly! Which, with the forecast what it is, may mean going out in the snow. It would be ironic if we ended up with pneumonia (which we also both had last year) and died. Imagine the conversation, “How many lives has this policy saved?” “Em…Minus 2”. Good luck with the campaign. Thinking about it gives me a headache – hope we haven’t run out of pain killers.

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