Restrict sale of tobacco (cigarettes) and alcohol to those who can prove they are not in receipt of welfare payments such as job seekers allowance, disability living allowance, etc.

Proof could be provided by a register related to an ID card of sorts (eg driving licence), or providing proof of income such as a pay slip during sale of such goods. Alternatively an NI number could be given, to be checked against payment of tax.

Alternatively, those who have not paying tax and in receipt of welfare should have their next payment reduced in line with their purchase of cigarettes or alcohol.

Why is this idea important?

I am a doctor, yet I see in the health service people who are costing the NHS great amounts of money due to their bad habbits of smoking and high alcohol consumption. It is well known that a high proportion of welfare recipients spend much of their payments on cigarettes and booze, not on more healthy produce such as good quality food.

Why should the state sponsor smoking or excessive alcohol consumption through welfare payments, which are both prooven to cost the NHS great amounts. Smoking and alcohol both adversely affect health and hence productivity in the workplace. If the state is serious about maximising the productivitiy of the unemployed, then it should prevent such people from smoking to improve their health.

Furthermore, smoking is NOT a human right; however it might be a civil right. Thus, the threat of restriction of benefits could entice these people towards seeking work more actively and playing a more productive part in society.

Finally, why should my hard earned taxation be used to pay for someone else's bad habbits payed thro welfare. This is an abuse of my civil right as a tax payer.

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  1. Wow, this is so retarded.

    As a young person in a small town with little work in today’s economic climate I am forced to be on jobseekers, I don’t want to be but I am.

    And you’re saying that people like me, should be penalized for the governments failings? So under your proposal I cannot go to the pub with my working friends?

    Are you seeking to create an underclass?

    Doctor, you might be (Although I doubt it) politician you are not.

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