Remove sale of alcoholic drinks from all current retail shops and then only allow the retail sale of alcoholic beverages through dedicated off-licences or 'liquor stores' controlled by an agency which reports directly to a government department.

This will prevent price cutting and promoting alcoholic drinks in supermarkets, and also take all alcohol away from general food purchases.

It may be necessary to raise the age of buying alcohol to 19 or 20, and it will be easier to monitor when alcohol is purchased.

The collection of the taxes on alcohol would be streamlined using this dedicated agency, and the drink prices could be positioned very quickly to deter the products that most commonly result in alcohol abuse, drunkeness and violence.

Why is this idea important?

Alcohol abuse and over consumption often results in poor health and violent behaviour. Both these isuues are a tremendous cost to the NHS and the police

There is a direct correlation between the relatively cheaper price of alcohol now, and the dramatic increase in poor health, violent behaviour and alcohol abuse.

Many other countries restrict the sale of alcohol to the general public by only selling it in dedicated retail shops that do not sell general groceries etc. A lot of countries also have a minimum age for buying alcohol at 21 years old. – In both cases the incidence of alcohol abuse and related issues is significantly reduced.

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