My memory is that when the idea of moving to digital radio was first mooted it was being ‘sold’ by the Government of the day on the basis of a better quality. Unfortunately that Government, with the then current mood being for diversity, quickly succumbed to the temptation to go for quantity rather than qualitySo however the good the original idea may have been it was immediately undermined.

As with television, there are out there in the world only a limited number of companies and organisations capable and willing to produce GOOD QUALITY programme. To artificially stretch demand can only dilute that talent and result in an ever increasing output of dross.

At a purely personal level as a pensioner I do not welcome the cost of having to replace all the radios in my house plus that in my car.

This seems to be for the sake of change, without there being any genuine underlying need or benefit. The present Government should have the courage to change as necessary any legislation that will remove the prospect of this unwelcome change.

Why is this idea important?

Conforming  to the majority wish of the public and avoidance of unnecessary waste through the scrapping servicable analogue radios

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