I believe that a ban on smoking in work is a good Idea, however I believe that Pubs, Member Clubs and resteraunts should be able to opt in or opt out of letting customers smoke in their premesis.

If an establishment wishes to be a non smoking environment then thats fair, but then people will have a choice as to weather to they wish to go there or a place where you can smoke enjoy a Pint of good British beer and relax after a hard days work. 



Why is this idea important?

Too many people are aying that they are going to work earning a honest days pay and all they want to do is to go to their local pub and enjoy a Pint and a cigarette.

The smoking ban has killed so many pubs and member clubs that it has ripped the heart out of many communities.

I stopped smoking 2 years ago but I believe that its everyones Human Right that if they go to work and contribute to the country, then they should be allowed to have a Cigarette and a pint in the comfort of their local pub Not Outside like an outcast.

Its about time that abit of common sense is used with this and amend the ban so people can enjoy a cigarette in their local again.

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