Rather than amend laws piecemeal, a Bill of Rights should set out why laws exist. This should be to protect people, their property, animals etc from the malign or stupid acts of others. The law should NOT seek to protect us from the possible harmful effects of our own actions, nor to protect our feelings from others opinions. At a stroke, this would remove criminality for drug use, consensual sexual behaviours including prostitution, while continuing to penalise supply of controlled substances, coercion and trafficking etc. Children and vulnerable adults should be protected by the law, requiring help rather than criminal prosecution for acts they are not competent to consent to – the age of consent should cover this as well. 

Why is this idea important?

Citizens will no longer be criminalised for acts that harm nobody but themselves. Enforcement effort can target real crime, which will consequently reduce. The concepts incorporated in a Bill of Rights will enable legal experts to determine which laws and legal processes could be scrapped.

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