The press is full of reports from ministers and MP's that prisons are overcrowded and we must come up with an idea to reduce numbers in jail.   I would strongly suggest that we return to the old idea of a method of corporal punishment for some offences particularly involving young persons who routinely appear before the courts on similar offences.

Why is this idea important?

This would satisfy the requirement to reduce numbers going to jail over a period of time and also reduce numbers of new offenders being subjected to other hard core prisoners influencing them to re-offend.

One Reply to “Return of Corporal Punishment”

  1. I have personal experience, dating from the 1960’s, of receiving corporal punishment for a misdemeanour committed against a girl who lived in my village when I was eleven. The girl’s mother found out that I had touched her indecently and came to see my guardian (a widowed distant relative who I called Auntie). The woman wanted to take the matter up with the police but Auntie argued that a beating would be more appropriate and effective and she eventually agreed. As a result I was paraded in front of the woman, her daughter, two other girls who had been present and my two girl cousins (Auntie’s daughters) in Auntie’s living room. There I received a tongue lashing of monumental proportions for my “disgusting behaviour” before being told to take off my trousers and underpants, which I did with some reluctance and a great deal of embarrassment. Auntie then produced a crook handled school-type cane and bade me to bend over a dining room chair placed centrally at one end of the room. As I did she raised my shirt to display my bare buttocks to all those present.
    I was then caned severely, a total of twelve strokes. At the end my bum was badly swollen and excruciatingly sore; and I felt very humiliated by the event. To make matters worse Auntie made me turn to face the audience and they saw my tiny genitals, prompting audible giggles. The worst part, however, was when Auntie asked me to apologise to the girl and I was slow to respond. Auntie then told me to bend back over for a further six strokes for insolence. I pleaded with her but her reaction was to swish and flex the cane and order me to bend over again. When I did a horrible quacking raspberry emerged from between my cheeks. I went bright red as those present reacted to the sound and then the smell with a mixture of laughter and disgust. My auntie told me I was a stinker and left me bending over for a couple of minutes, desperately clenching to prevent a repeat…or worse!
    The incident sounds terrible but my point is that, after such a painful and humbling punishment, I have never committed a similar act or indeed, of any kind that might bring me into a court. This is a direct result of what happened to me and a powerful example of the efficacy of corporal punishment for dealing with badly behaved boys in advance of them becoming feckless youths

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