European laws impose a restriction on the selling (and I believe, posession) of all but the most primitive night vision equipment. As a sailor, and I'm sure this applies to many other law-abiding hobbies and occupations, I am unable to legally obtain GEN2, GEN3, GEN3+ equipment, where GEN refers to the generation of the technology used. The GEN1 we are permitted is decades old and having used GEN3 before the ban I can vouch that it is significantly better.

Like many mistaken attempts at fixing problems by pretending that the offending technology doesn't exist, this does little to stop the use of such equipment by criminals. In the same vein, the widespread availability of such equipment would also reduce the operational value of this equipment. to the criminal.

Why is this idea important?

Give us access to modern night-vision equipment. If necessary license it to those with a valid reason.

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