To repeal the education legislation introduced by the last Government that raised the age of compulsory education and training to age 18.

Why is this idea important?

This suggestion will give a sharper focus to the work of schools and colleges, raise the status of the teaching profession, save money and increase individual liberty. The age of compulsion should be returned to 16 which was proportionate and sensible. We live in a liberal democracry and want young people and their parents to take responsibility for their education and yet we remove from them the basic right to leave school at 16 and take up paid employment. This is an nonsense. For some young people leaving school at 16 and finding a job is the best course. To insist they stay on at school or college is counterproductive and likely to disrupt the learning of those who wish to be there. We live in an age of life-long learning so they can always return to education or training later if it is needed and appropropriate. But equally ensure that colleges and schools offer good courses so that  the majority of young people will stay on voluntarily.

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