Back in my day at school, there were no AS Levels and retakes. Exams were done at the end of two years. As a result there was not so many going to university, less graduates and more graduates were able to fill jobs.Some universities object to going back to the old system because they like to see many applicants and the competition in order to pick and choose from a wide variety of backgrounds, e.g the moans from University of Cambridge.

It is the same with employers when the student graduates. They like to see hundreds of applications so that they can pick and choose. Unfortunately, this leaves so many graduates unable to find suitable jobs after graduating, many of whom have good degrees and work experience. They end up unemployed or in jobs that they could have been done without going to university and incurring a huge amount of debt to pay off. The government has to write off their outstanding loans after 25 years. There will be ahuge amount having to be paid off.The government cannot change their minds about writing off student debts because many of them had a signed agreement with the student loans company.

Why is this idea important?

The older A Level system was fairer to a certain extent as the brighter ones were able to get into university. There is now a massive amount of graduates who are unable to find suitable jobs. Those who have 2:2 seem to be a waste of degree as employers and Masters degrees are asking for 2:1 and above, where as anyone with a Second could find a good job. This is not right with having so many students incurring debts and having to be unemployed or forced to take jobs which don't need a degree.

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