The program of doctors' revalidation every 5 years is very expensive, putting a lot of pressure on doctors (beauricratic requirements and filling the forms) and there is no evidence that it will increase (or influence) patients' safety at all.
The famous Dr Shipman would pass the revalidation with honors …

Why is this idea important?

Revalidation shows the lack of trust to the profession, it’s unnecessary state interference, it’s very beaurocratic. It’s wasting of public money (1 billion pounds so far, more in the future)

One Reply to “Revalidation of doctors – abolish it”

  1. I agree “revali-Bating!” should be scrapped.
    It is another time consuming administrative burden.
    I would never chose to enter a career as a doctor if I new what I know now.
    The facts are the it is better to be a middle or senior nurse than it is to be a middle grade doctor. That is in pay, hours, the burdens of membership exams and fees, unsocial working and the whole list of responsibilities we have in paperwork, of which revalidation is an extra one.
    It will ultimately be the cause of some good doctors just realising it is not worth doing anymore 🙁

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