Even the cows in the field know that the benefits system is abused and needs changed. 

People should be allowed 3 months support allowance to help them when the loose their job .  They should also be provided with the support to find a new job.  After 3 months, the support allowance becomes a loan, and the amount loaned is reduced each month thereafter until they get a job within 6 month.  The loan is taken back through an additional income tax once they begin earning.  (Those currently on benefits begin now with their 3 month support allowace).

Those who don't get a job in 6 months, are able to sign up to work for the governement (ie cleaning the mess in citities, towns and outskirts), which will entitle them to earn a certain amount for each of the days the work. 

Sounds harsh – but I bet it would get those abusing the system in work pretty quickly!

Why is this idea important?

Making it a support service rather than a right to abuse the system would encourage people to work, not stay at home and live off the state.

The timeframes would encourage rapid action to do all they can to get into work.

It is fair, and non-discriminatory, and above all encourages payback to society, either financially or by working for the benefit.

It has an additional support mechanism for those who genuinely couldn't get work in the 3 month period.


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  1. I have had paralysis in my leg two month’s and I have been nothing but abused by the Governement office in Warrington. they have refused to look into my claim after getting intouch with there office on numerous occations.they are paying wrong amount wont give proper reason why or where they calculations come from. Telling me I havn’t sent in information when I have proof that I have. I cannot even get a proper diagnosis of my illness and why it keep on reacurring.

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