I live in a town with a 'station road', a station and a still operating railway. Yet I have to drive 25 minutes to catch a train! The station desparately needs reopening. Its not the only one, we have hundreds over the country, we have hundreds more that need rebuilding, we have tracks that need relaying.

We need goods sidings at all of these stations so goods can be delivered to towns and villages by rail.

We urgently, immediately in fact, need to stop all these stupid guided busway schemes, they are expensive, don't work (see Cambridge for proof of that), remove railways that would be useful, involve massive amounts of disruption and polution, demolition, waste. STOP THEM NOW!

Why is this idea important?

You want me to use public transport? You want me to cut down on CO2? You want me to still work… then you need to provide me public transport.

You want to reduce congestion on our roads, get the slow moving lorries off them!

I've come back from Cologne, within 10 miles of the centre of Cologne there are more goods on more goods wagons than in the entire UK, as a result their roads are free flowing and have very few lorries. More over they have an extensive system of trains and trams which means I managed for 2 years, going everywhere – not just in town – without a car, and frankly never missed it. Here I can't go from the centre of Cambridge to the outskirts without a car because the public transport is so slow and infrequent.

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