In my opinion DEFRA should be split up and the Ministry of Agriculture should be brought back, the industry needs to be led by policymakers who understand the trade and how different it is from other commercial operations.

Filling out forms is not a farmer’s forte; more time is now spent doing on a desk than a tractor.

Farmers should not be required to get separate driving licences that say they can transport certain types on animals in their trailer. Farmers know how to look after their animals and don't need people who've never stepped foot on a farm telling them how to.

Also, stop adding more regulations or amendments to EU rules that affect the industry, believe it or not this puts us at a disadvantage!!

Why is this idea important?

More and more people are being driven away from farming every day.

How many farmers have commit suicide since Foot and Mouth disease? So many.

Nobody can cope, a farmer's wife is now not legendary for baking bread but filling out paperwork, if a farmer doesn't have a wife then the chances are he will leave his business and claim benefits because the countryside is all he knows.

The UK needs to be more self-sufficient, we can embrace the EU at the same time as buying British food, if we fail to do this and have to import the majority of foodstuffs then this will have a cost burden on the UK and even supermarkets won't be able to drive down prices of commodities.

It doesn't take an industry expert to take a quick look at DEFRA to see how it is more harm to the industry than help.

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