All H&S legislation should be subject to sweeping reform based on commonsense and reasonableness, with a view to reducing its effect on every aspect of daily life apart from the original concept of protecting life and limb in traditionally dangerous industries.

Why is this idea important?

H&S legislation currently pervades virtually all aspects of daily life with its stifling and nonsensical consequences.  It began as a necessity to improve the callous attitude of factory owners and managers and the poor standard of working safety in many industries, especially construction and heavy manufacturing.  However, the concept has grown out of all proportion to the problem and now, having addressed all appropriate industrial and commercial issues, the HSE staff of thousands have nothing better to do than dream up absurd notions in the pursuit of removing every element of potential danger in everything we do.  The lunatics are in charge of the asylum and it has become a national joke.  There is no H&S legislation in France and they do not perish in their thousands. 

The current plague of personal injury claims has arisen from the insurance companies exploiting the H&S legislation, which has removed the need and belief for anyone to take responsibility for their actions and carelessness.  Every accident is now someone else’s fault, and as such every public sector agency and private business is in fear of litigation being pursued by a member of public who injures them self arising out of their own stupidity.  Public liability insurance premiums are now higher than they need be to accommodate the growth of personal injury claims and this is an unnecessary cost for national and local government and private industry.  

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