I am writing to you to ask when the “Act of Settlement” will be reviewed and amended or revoked to allow for the current discriminatory laws against Roman Catholics in this country to be abandoned and forever left to the pages of history? 

Why is this idea important?

Such laws as you well know include the prevention of the Monarch from marrying anyone of the Roman Catholic Faith, the prevention of the Monarch from themselves being a Roman Catholic, the prevention of Roman Catholic Bishops from sitting in the House of Lords along side their Church of England counterparts and many more. 

In a nation which appears to pride itself on being a nation of multi-culture, multi-faith and tolerance isn’t it about time that such draconian, antiquated and prejudicial laws be abandoned forever? 

If this be about the complete separation of church and state then fine, so be it, but rather than the current situation of the Church of England being the established church and religion of state then surely it should be in that position by merit rather than by historical and out-dated law. 

I believe that the government should set an example on this issue and show it’s true colours against such prejudice against Roman Catholics who I should add now account for a far greater church attendance in this country than the “so called” established Church of England. 

But this is not about numbers and stats but rather about Roman Catholics being equal citizens in every sense of the word within this country. 

We all share in this nation’s great history, now let us all share equally in fairness it’s laws. 

Your views and comments would be greatly appreciated.

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