Current national minimum standards protocols for residential care are unwieldy and unnecessarily long.  They try to cover every eventuality.  They should be reviewed and condensed into a more workable form.

Why is this idea important?

It goes without saying that homes offering residential care should be properly regulated, however the minimum standards protocols are too long. The minimum standards protocols for


Care Homes for Older People 65+ is 101 pages


Care Homes for Adults 18-64 is 138 pages


Children’s Homes is 108 pages


A standard is mentioned, then a description of what is needed is outlined, before everything is summarised at the end of each standard by an expected outcome.  Whilst the intention may be good it has led to overly long documents which try to cover every eventuality.  By necessity detail is needed but not to the point of overkill. People and situations do not need to be homogenised. Commonsense should be allowed to prevail. 


As they stand these protocols make unnecessary work and compliance with every detail takes up valuable time which should be spent in face to face contact with the resident.  The provision of residential care is costly and burdensome regulation is in no-one’s interests. Pedantic and prescriptive protocols do not encourage home owners to do anything more than comply with minimum standards.  They stifle improvement and imagination.


Shorter protocols will ensure all round benefits

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