It is wrong to criminalize recreational drugs.  Some people get high on cigarettes and alcohol.  If others choose to get high on Cannabis, Heroin and LSD that is their business.  You may say they are harming themselves if they do this.  That is not an excuse to harm them a whole lot more, dragging them through the courts and sending them to prison.  People's recreational activity is their business and their business alone.

Also, criminalizing heroin makes it more dangerous.  Criminalization pushes up the price.  A high priced drug which is also addictive is very attractive to organized criminals.  If they can produce addicts and if those addicts can obtain their supply from no other source (because heroin is illegal) the criminals (who do not care about the people they are exploiting) have a regular and reliable revenue stream.  I believe they even sell heroin outside school gates, to make addicts of young people, while they are still young and impressionable.

The answer to this problem is not to "bang people up".  This truism was realised, on both sides of the Atlantic, with regard to alcohol.  When alcohol was forbidden by law, organised crime made a killing.  My history could be askew here but, if I remember correctly, Al Capone built an empire running alcohol.  With alcohol legal there are no more Al Capone type empires.  Also, most people enjoy alcohol responsibly.

Isn't it time to take a more intelligent approach to drugs?  Heroin should be prescribed on the National Health (and those Afghan farmers should be encouraged to go right on growing it).  The price would fall to nothing.  Once thatb happened there would be no incentive for organised crime to get involved in supplying heroin.  Once there was no money in it, criminals would stop selling heroin at the school gates.  Within time the only people who would be heroin addicts would be the severely disadvantaged and emotionally damaged.  The way to get them off heroin would be to help them address their problems.  It cannot be done by "banging them up".  They can get drugs in prison anyway!

Why is this idea important?

It will save huge amounts of money.  It will stop organised crime and it will get people off drugs

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