Schools that put on peformances do not have to get the children licenced. Amatur theatre companies that children belong to do have to be licenced.

My suggestion is this should be changed from 6 days to 7 days without a licence. This would cut out the massive inconvenience to everyone, would reduce work load at all local councils and would have no affect at all on the safety of children.

Over 7 days should still be regulated in the same way as now. So for one day the whole system would become more user friendly and free up council staff to do far more important things.

Why is this idea important?

Amatur theatre is normally children that want to be there, parents who want to support their children and volunteers who work hard to help others. We should make this easier not more bureocratic and by increasing this by one day, it will not affect the safety of children and bring amatur theatre in line with Schools.

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