To remove requirement to declare past offences for job applications not dealing with children or vulnerable adults, and make it illegal to demand such information.

Why is this idea important?

The requirement to declare offences (spent, or unspent) in applications for jobs which do not require a CRB check – ie. do not involve working with children, or vulnerable adults – allows employers to discriminate against ex-offenders who have served the sentence issued for their crime, and dramatically reduces their chances to be rehabilitated into society and be able to live a normal life and make the contribution expected of citizens.

If a person is found guilty of a second, related crime, their previous offence would still be on file, and could be taken into account in sentencing.

If people are not considered trustworthy or rehabilitated – then why are they released from prison? On release they must be given the same level of respect and opportunity and trust as anyone else.

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