So many things are now banned that children never get the chance to assess their own risks and thereby become more self reliant.  Adults too are so hemmed in that there appears to be a Book of Regulations on how to live rather than learn for ourselves.  Being spontaneous has gone and this affects all aspects of human interaction, entrepreneurial skills and being able to judge risk on the spot.  When rescue services cannot rescue because of H&S; there are no toothpicks in restaurants (but there are knives); being creative with children in the mode of Blue Peter is thwarted because of the things around the home you cannot use, things have got silly.  A review of what H&S means is required so that real safety is upheld but silly lthings are left to individual common sense.

Why is this idea important?

I watch children in Norway and Switzerland where they are allowed to be children and notice how confident, capable and sensible they are.  This leads to creative and confidnet adults in all walks of life, business and commerce.

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