I think there needs to be a review of the number of phrases and songs, like nursery rhymes, which have been changed or even banned in the UK due to single words or lines which could possibly be seen as discriminatory to people of different races or cultures. 

I think that traditional verses to nursery rhymes should be re-introduced to schools and that people should be able to use colours as descriptive words without fear of being called a racist, or use descriptive words such as small and tall without the fear of being judged as discriminatory to people of different physical appearance or aptitude. 

Phrases such as man made should not be frowned upon, they are not sexist, they are descriptors which have been used for years, why change them now? 

Why is this idea important?


I fail to see how the 'black sheep' in a nursery rhyme is offensive to people of a different race, or how a 'brain storm' could upset an epileptic child. By changing these lines and banning such phrases it actually draws attention to the vague links that can be made here and if anything promotes niches where people can think up new, equally vague racial/social remarks.

Also, by censoring so much of our culture and society, it creates a frustration for people. When it is not allowed to repeat nursery rhymes we all learned as children any more, it feels like our heritage, culture and national identity is being suppressed in a bid to bubble wrap the UK against discrimination cases. It is counter productive and is an example of the nanny state at its worst.  

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