Review & Amend this legislation so as to enable Managements & Proprietors of all establishments and transport vehicles to permit the smoking of tobacco products in designated, well ventilated & seperate areas if they so wish.

Why is this idea important?

The smoking of tobacco products is a legal activity which is enjoyed by a sizeable minority of the adult population. Although it does not appear that anyone or any institution has an accurate assessment of the number of smokers, the fact that many public houses, working men's & other private clubs are suffering as a result of the ban suggests that they might do a lot better if the ban was not so stringently applied where no danger to the public exists.  The advantages of easing the smoke free legislation would include:

Removing the gaggles of smokers from outside business premises, public houses and other places of hospitality & entertainment.

Removing the health hazard to smokers caused by having to suffer the cold and wet conditions of outdoor smoking.

Enabling local councils to dispense with the services of designated "Smoke Free Legislation" Officers.

Bringing we in the UK to a similar level of cooperate,& considerate tolerance regarding indoor smoking as exists within many other countries of the EU where the legislation is not applied so stringently – and, thus, enhancing the prospects for inbound tourism.

Please let courtesy and consideration for others be the bye-word and not, what would appear to be,an interfering bigotry enacted by the last government.

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