All legislation relating to passenger/patient transport should be reviewed to reduce any barriers to integrated transport solutions e.g. PSV regulations. 

Why is this idea important?

With the need to save money it is probable that many services will find it challenging to continue and it will certainly be difficult to improve services.  However, there are a number of transport solutions that will all be travelling similar routes with different groups of users.  Whilst integrating them is not impossible at present, legislation can be seen as a barrier that is too great to cross.  For example: at present free patient transport services find it difficult to transport people who are not eligible for free patient transport and charge for this service.  Often these non-eligible people will be in areas that have poor public transport links or links that are heavily subsidised by local authorities.  Sharing of these resources would significantly improve services and reduce costs.

Benefits to service users through integrated transport solutions would include, improved access to employment, education, health etc and reduced social exclusion and isolation.

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