Review speed limit policy & driving tests

There is no consistency of speed limits across the country or even within the same town. Exactly similar roads are 30mph on one road & 40mph on another road. The same road can be 30 then change to 40 than back to 30 with no logic to it. On motorways there are often contradictory limits between overhead gantries & the central reservation signs. Dangerous narrow country lanes can be de-restricted, then suddenly you arrive at a good-visibilty road with a 30 or 40 limit. Average-speed cameras exist on motorways with tiny low-level signs saying 'camera not in use', causing confusion if you miss the sign. The man who said that you keep having to switch attention from signs to speedo, instead of driving with common sense according to the conditions around you, is exactly right. There is a better way to achieve safe drivers – a more comprehensive driving test system, fewer signs & penalties, consistency & logic of speed limits, & more reliance on driver common sense.

Why does this idea matter?

Drivers are incensed by speeding fines in unnecessary situations & by the illogical system of speed limits. Restore driver confidence by reducing signs & penalties & increasing driver education & common sense.

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