Review The Criminal justice and Immigration Act 2008 relating to adult imagery that was rushed through parliament claiming 'no opposition' which was far from the truth.

Why is this idea important?

There should be the right to consensual adult human pornography; but
does not condone all the forms or means of production of pornography.

There are multiple specific arguments for the repeal of Section 63 of the Criminal justice
and Immigration Act 2008

  1. Right to privacy
  2. Right to freedom of expression.
  3. Right to fantasy.
  4. No defence of consent in the legislation.
  5. Current legislation is not harm-based.
  6. Current legislation is not evidence-based.
  7. Current legislation criminalises the consumer not the manufacturer.
  8. Current legislation criminalises the representation of acts which are
    legal in themselves.
  9. Current legislation is uncertain and consumers cannot know what
    activities may be deemed extreme.
  10. Current legislation puts consensual adult sexual acts on the same par as bestiality and necrophilia.
  11. Current legislation dilutes the effectiveness of the sex offenders’
    register by placing the viewer of consenting adult sexual activities
    next to child sex offenders.

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