The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act is a waste of tax-payer's money and police time.

'Free parties' / 'raves' and their attendees seldom cause any real harm.   Despite this, huge amounts of money are spent on a massive police presence to shut down these events – including masses of police, helicopters, riot police etc.  For what?  A bunch of people trying to have a good time.  Just because these event are not held in stuffy clubs and pubs where most of the violence and nuisance happens anyway.  Raves are mostly full peace-loving, friendly folk who don't want to cause any trouble, yet the police turn up all fired up, ready for a fight and their behaviour is getting increasingly violent, provocative and brutal, just as they are at protests/demonstrations.    However, I do think the council / police should issue penalties (fines) to parties that don't clear up after themselves (although most do).

The question is: WHAT IS THE PERCEIVED THREAT which justifies this act and the huge amount of money spent enforcing it? 

These events certainly do not threaten your average citizen are generally peaceful gatherings.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important as the current system of dealing with these gatherings is not only a huge waste of tax-payer's money and police time, but it also undermines the right for free people to party and express themselves freely.  People should not have to pay the government (taxes) to have a party. Police should also not have the right to shut down a party and forcibly removed people from public land (or private with owner's permission) if the event is not causing significant harm to anyone else.

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