The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 are seriously lacking. A whole section of these regulations entitles a candidate – someone who the agency has appointed to work for a third party company, the right to submit a complain to the Employment Agencies Inspectorate if they have a problem with an employment agency. This section should be scrapped as it's useless.

Why is this idea important?

I had a problem with an employment agency, I submitted a complaint to the Inspectorate – as is my legal right, and after a few months the Inspectorate found in my favour; they ordered the agency to pay me the week's wage that I lost. The agency paid the money and wrote to me apologising and said that the matter was settled and they were happy to work with me again. However, when I contacted them a few months later they said that I had been blacklisted and were not willing to work with me again – and for no other reason than because I submitted a complaint against them.

So within a matter of months they went from telling me that they were happy to work with me to refusing to work with me for no valid reason. I was told on the phone that the order had come from 'Head Office'. I went back to the Inspectorate and said surely that cannot be right, do something to make them work with me. They Inspectorate said that was nothing that they could do. I escalated the matter to a Parliamentary Ombudsman but they didn't do anything either. I asked the Head of the Inspectorate to put a notice on the complaint form to make people aware that they run the risk of being blacklisted if they complain – he refused to do so. I have all the documentation from all concerned to prove that this is factual.

It's a flawed system – I am legally entitled to make a complaint but if I do then the agency can simply choose to blacklist me for doing so. Where's the justice? What is the point in having a legal framework in place for someone to submit a compliant when, no matter who is in the wrong, the candidate will potentially always lose.

This part of the Regulations should be scrapped and replaced with something better.

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