I question the rationale behind the legal status of drugs especially given the harm caused by alcohol and tobacco.  Mephedrome was classified illegal despite opposition from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs which suggests politics was the driving force.   

I foresee that we are essentially in a position of criminalising young people and adults alike, that are on the whole contributing to society.  

The tax received for alcohol and tobacco sales certainly highlights a possible reason that governments have maintained its legal status.  I put forward whether; particularly given all the public sector cuts; this again would enable revenue to be gained from the sale of drugs legally and then the money re-invested back in to new and improved drug and alcohol treatment services as well as preventative/early intervention services. 

It would also be useful to invest in a residential detoxification and rehabilitationfor the under 18's – would people be surprised to know that one does not exist. 






Why is this idea important?

The quality and quantity of drugs would be managed and as a result we could see a reduction in drug related deaths, rates of offending, and all related issues such as safeguarding/child protection.  Thus if the amounts are managed and distributed by organisations we cut out the gang and organised crime element out of it.  Clearly, there is much consideration needed and there needs to be real consultation with a variety of people that are experts within this field and more importantly get sight first hand at the impact on a grassroots level.   

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