Review the way housing ALMOs are set up and managed

I work for an ALMO in Rotherham (2010Rotherham Ltd). The ALMO employs 4 directors and a Chief Executive with the total salary cost for these positions being in excess of £500,000/year. These people have no idea of what they manage and they are too far from any operational issues to add any value to the overall processes. Also, any decision they make has to be ratified by officers in the Council (RMBC) some of these holding junior positions to the directors in the ALMO. The bureaucracy in the company is absolutely unbelievable with forms and processes being invented just to justify the existence of these highly paid Directors. At the same time the company is going through a restructure and essential operational posts which could make a difference to people's lives are cut. If organisations like the one I work for are reviewed, so that they could function with fewer executive staff, then the savings nationally could be millions of pounds.

Why does this idea matter?

My idea should be considered because could save millions for the public sector. If only 5 other ALMOs are found to be in the same situations like the one I work for, then £2mil could be saved. However, taking into account that nationally there are now 70 ALMOs the savings will be much greater.

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