tonight i received an email from TV Licensing saying "thank you" for applying for a TV Licence online, but they could not grant me a Licence by Direct Debit because (and I quote) "Unfortunately, it is now too late to join any of our Direct Debit schemes for this year. This is because of the time that has passed since you last bought a television licence. We can only accept applications to join these schemes for a limited period."

What they want me to do is pay £291 immediately before they will grant me a licence.  This is UNFAIR! They ask me to get a TV licence by threatening me with criminal action, but wont grant me one until I pay the backlog from not being properly licensed for the last 2 years.  This seems like a penalty charge on top of a tax.

My idea is simple.  Hold a serious review of the TV Licence, and either seriously reduce it (by up to 70%) or scrapping it altogether.  Bear in mind that the BBC isn't entirely public funded.  They have commercial interests overseas (i.e. BBC America) and there is also DVD sales and Magazines for some of their more popular shows.  Also with the sale of shows overseas and to channels such as G.O.L.D. and DAVE (which I get with my Sky subscription), the BBC is also making money.

I dont mind paying tax. Tax pays for our essential services, and keeps our nation safe.  But I do disagree with the TV licence.  Why should we pay tax on something that is neither dangerous or polluting?

Why is this idea important?

A reduction or complete abolition of the TV Licence is important because it would free up extra money for cash strapped families.  

The current business model for the BBC was fine 100 years ago when it was a new way of keeping the nation informed, but in its current form is totally irrelevant and outmoded.  it the BBC was made to be self sufficient or partly public funded, this would free up extra government money because we could scrap the watchdog that oversees the way the BBC works and runs.  

it is important because it would stop the criminalisation of ordinary, law abiding citizens, whos' only crime is not to fund the BBC and all of its waste on junkets abroad and other unnecessary items like overpaid managers!

the average, working class family and old couple find it a struggle to pay their other bills and TV Licence.  If the government is serious about getting us out of this financial crisis then they need to put their money where their mouth is and actually do something almost totally unheard of by a British Government:  Listen to the Public, the people who give you your jobs and pay your wages!!

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