Abolish the remote ,large, unwieldy, party political, mis-managed, greedy, top heavy and egotistic Metropolitan District Councils. Give the Towns and Parishes back to the people who care for them and live in them.They at least have to live with the results of their own decisions. I want back the right to determine what happens in my town by voting for local people -who I know and get a chance to speak to, who know the town, it;s problems and what needs doing and have the local knowledge to target funding where it is needed.

The whole of local government needs restructuring, it is broken, it needs fixing.

Ask people which communities/villages/towns/cities/areas/counties/countries they identify themselves with, this will give you a workable system.

Give the money to the lowest level, let them decide how best to provide services. They may decide to provide certain services themselves or that it would be more appropriate to have certain group levelss for more complex services-economies of scale- however they must never be tied into this as they may become unhappy with the service provided.

Representatives from lower levels would form co-operatives for the higher levels.

Finally remove all party politics from decision making until at least county level.

Why is this idea important?

The above act has had a profound effect on the quality of every day life and coloured people's impression of politician's and their view on voting in local elections and therefore in general elections.

If the people you vote for cannot make a difference because they the councillors for a town are 9 out of a total number of 90, the MDC could pass a motion to destroy our town, they have tried by forgetting we existed and spending all the money in the city centre and on egotistic projects to raise the profile of the city while playing a game of "we can beat them" with a neighbouring city.

The act tried to force links where none existed and has led to voting apathy due to a feeling of dis-enfrachisement- get rid of it -give civic pride and responsibility back to the people who want it.

The system of "bottom up" would in effect make the lower levels " the customer" and the higher levels would have to give value for money and good service otherwise the "customer" could take their business elsewhere.

People would feel in control of their own surroundings and that they could change things if neccessary. Apathy would disappear to be replaced by enthusiasm and achievement, which would spill over into other areas of life.

This would make Britain a true democracy again instead of only a nominal one.

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