When these regulations were written office computers and electronic communication were in their infancy. Things have come a long way since then. Most offices now use modern computing equipment, positioned on well proportioned desks with the employees provided with proper office chairs and access to networks where they can do e-learning modules on how to set their desks up properly


Given that most people have now been provided with good equipment and online advice I don’t see the need for carrying out assessments for each employee. It would save a lot of time and resource if employers only had to assess those employees who have problems that they cannot sort out locally.


With all the advice there is about sitting properly, using a standard keyboard and mouse you’d think that  people who use alternative devices would be experiencing all sorts of problems but they aren’t. People use their Blackberries, iPhones and other smartphones on a regular basis to send and receive emails and update internet sites, but those tiny little keyboards and screens don’t seem to be doing them any harm.


So do I have to do an assessment for someone who uses their Blackberry as a second mobile office? Nothing complies – screen doesn’t tilt or swivel, keyboard isn’t separate from the screen and it doesn’t have little legs to make it adjustable. Characters on the screen and keyboard aren’t always clear …


Then there’s this law that says that all employees who use computers are entitled to go and get their eyes tested as often as they like and bill their employer. The employer is also expected to pay for glasses just for reading stuff on the screen. Did they not have zoom controls on computers when this was written?

If they can’t read the stuff on the screen they can make it bigger.


If they need glasses to see the screen it’s more than likely that they need general reading glasses anyway, which they can pay for themselves.


And be straight with us. Do employees need to take breaks away from screen and keyboard work, yes or no? If yes, make it a proper law and specify how long, when and how often.


The only people who should need special glasses these days should be the likes of engineers in factories who use precision equipment for cutting or finishing materials such as wood or metals.


Why is this idea important?

Reduction in the financial burden in carrying out unnecessary assessments. Freedom  to use new technologies to their best advantage both for business and the employees. Unshackle employees from their desks and let them do their jobs on the move. Release employers from the duty to provide eye tests and free spectacles.

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