The road system in the country is struggling to meet the demands of the motorist due to an increase in vehicles being registered, foreign vehicles becoming more frequent and a severe lack of investment from the govornment.

Whilst the economic crisis continues with little money available and foreign truckers a common sight, there is only so much that can be done at present with regards to them issues at the moment to try and improve the road network, however, a dramatic improvement can be made to the standard of driving of British drivers that will not only improve safety but may be financially beneficial as well


Why is this idea important?

Currently the standards of driving in this country are quite poor compared to some countrys in the EU and to pass the driving test consists of a theory test and a reletivly simple practical test. At no time in the test are you required to practice on a motorway and be examined. Many inexperienced drivers take to the motorways and cause many problems that they are not aware of. Many drivers sit in the middle lane of the motorway as some feel its safer in that lane, some do  it out of ignorance. Some drivers believe that they can sit in the outside lane through pure ignorance. These drivers are unaware  of the problems that they cause. A build up of traffic is forced upon other drivers to which this causes traffic jams delaying people reaching their destinations and consuming more fuel, other drivers are forced to undertake which although is illegal they feel they need to out of frustration and road rage, to which this makes the roads more dangerous.

In Germany for example the driving test is 20 hours long in total with a minimum of 2 hours on the motorway. Although we do not need to test to that extent, the introduction of motorway driving to the test over time will improve driving conditions or maybe the possibility of introducing a log book showing a minimum number of hours driven by a driver under instruction on the motorways that need to be completed prior to sitting a test. This should reduce congestion on the roads, making them safer and more economical to commercial drivers and their companies as well as all the other road drivers who may use the road for commuting to going on holiday

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  1. Its now Sept 2015 and no change as yet but it is now being considered that some motorway driving be undertaken and signed for as suggested in a log book. It should also be so for night driving and driving in inclement weather. Also both rural and urban driving techniques should be instructed and not as what now takes place by just training him or her how to pass the test.

    Motorcyclists should have something after CBT say a log book again and 20 hours tuition where they have to undertake further training to make them more experienced and hopefully safer whilst still on L plates.

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